Peer Review Process

Jurnal Kesehatan dan Keperawatan Bethesda (JKKB) is committed to maintaining the highest standards of peer review. Our peer review process is designed to ensure the quality, validity, and relevance of the research we publish. The following steps outline our peer review process:

1. Initial Submission and Editorial Screening:

  • Upon submission, each manuscript is initially screened by the editorial team to ensure it aligns with the journal's scope and meets basic quality standards.
  • Manuscripts that do not meet these criteria may be returned to the authors without further review.

2. Assignment to Handling Editor:

  • Manuscripts that pass the initial screening are assigned to a handling editor with expertise in the relevant field.
  • The handling editor reviews the manuscript and may recommend rejection if it does not meet the journal's standards for quality and originality.

3. Selection of Reviewers:

  • If the manuscript is deemed suitable for further consideration, the handling editor selects two or more independent reviewers with relevant expertise.
  • Reviewers are invited to provide an objective and confidential assessment of the manuscript.

4. Peer Review:

  • Reviewers evaluate the manuscript based on criteria such as originality, methodology, significance of the findings, clarity of presentation, and relevance to the field.
  • Reviewers provide detailed feedback and recommendations, which may include acceptance, minor revisions, major revisions, or rejection.

5. Reviewers' Reports and Editorial Decision:

  • The handling editor reviews the reviewers' reports and makes an initial decision on the manuscript.
  • The decision may be to accept the manuscript as is, request revisions, or reject the manuscript.

6. Revision and Resubmission:

  • If revisions are requested, authors are given an opportunity to address the reviewers' comments and resubmit the revised manuscript.
  • The revised manuscript may be returned to the original reviewers for further evaluation or may be assessed by the handling editor.

7. Final Decision:

  • The handling editor makes a final decision based on the reviewers' feedback and the authors' revisions.
  • The final decision can be acceptance, further minor revisions, or rejection.

8. Publication:

  • Once accepted, the manuscript is processed for publication, which includes copyediting, typesetting, and proofreading.
  • The final version of the manuscript is published online with open access, ensuring immediate availability to the global scientific community.

Confidentiality and Integrity:

  • JKKB maintains the confidentiality of all submissions and the integrity of the review process.
  • Reviewers and editors are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest and to treat all manuscripts as confidential documents.

By following this rigorous peer review process, Jurnal Kesehatan dan Keperawatan Bethesda (JKKB) ensures the publication of high-quality, reliable, and impactful research in the fields of health and nursing.